Catch Of The Day - Perception Management

Catch of the Day: communication advice with added value

Communication consultancies are often unnecessarily expensive. At Catch of the Day you get a senior consultant with more than thirty years of experience, but no absurd rates. This is because we have been keeping overhead costs low for years and charge a fair price for our services.


Corporate communication comprises all communication disciplines aimed at strengthening the identity of organisations. A company communicates with numerous groups, such as customers, suppliers, employees, media and shareholders. All these groups have a certain image of the company. For example: reliable, skilled, innovative, social, environmentally conscious. This perception can be influenced by making choices in communication.

The company strategy is determined by the top management of a company. Catch of the Day plays a role in the way in which this strategy is brought to the attention of its target groups. The aim is to communicate in a clear, transparent, informative and convincing manner about the choices that are made.


In 1986, while studying Dutch Language and Literature, Patrick de Leede started as a junior consultant at the then PR consultancy Beauchez. In 1987, this branch in The Hague was continued as Van Rossum & Partners, which in record time became a top five agency in the Netherlands.

In 1991 Patrick made the switch to the business world, where he was successively senior corporate communications officer at Royal Dutch Paper Mills (Koninklijke Nederlandse Papierfabrieken) and its legal successors KNP BT and Buhrmann, a company with 30,000 employees worldwide. In 1999 Patrick founded Catch of the Day Perception Management BV.

Key competencies

Catch of the Day focuses primarily on a solid basic communication for its clients. Are the ‘basics’ in order? Is the quality of products and services good? Are employees happy and do they feel well informed? Is delivery to customers on time and correctly? How is the relationship with other groups, how are they informed? Can these information flows be improved and, if so, in what way?

A specific target group is the media. How is the company’s relationship with them? Is there an up-to-date media database? How often are press releases issued? Are these written in an informative and catchy way? Catch of the Day has considerable experience in the field of media and spokesmanship.


Catch of the Day is experienced in these areas:

  1. Corporate positioning: what is your company really good at and what distinguishes it from its competitors?
  2. Stakeholder management: with which stakeholders do we enter into a dialogue and for what purpose?
  3. Corporate communication, including corporate websites
  4. Press release
  5. Internal communication
  6. Crisis communication
  7. Spokesmanship
  8. Social media
  9. Media training (in close cooperation with IvCB in The Hague)
Patrick de Leede (foto Gregor Servais)